Friday, June 26, 2009

What is that drying above my head?

But first things first.
Last Sunday we had the first meeting "Under the plum tree" which wasn't under the tree as it was too chill, so we moved to the sun... 4 is a good start, nice visit, nice company, nice way to spend a couple of hours on Sunday morning.
I believe in the church of knitting...

Then went home and finally had the time to block the kimono shawl who had been soaking for 4 days!!! Best area to do this, above my bed...

I finally finished this project that I started last fall, very ambitious as the work is so tiny.

Not too many mistakes, it is made of sage zephir ( 50 merino 50 silk) gorgeous drape,
now I need the time to get it down!!!
On top of everything else I joined the 2009 "Tour de Fleece" was so much fun last year...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Colors Colors Colors

Finished the alpaca silk blend hank, the colors are too good to be true!!!
The ball is now sitting on my desk, begging to be something extraordinary, I am looking back...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WWKIP Day June 13 2009

Blogging might be a winter thing...Weather has been so nice I don't have time for much posting but still very busy with the needles, and then there was our gathering for WWKIP Day.
As I was getting ready the night before I realized that I did not have a transportable knitting project started, mostly crocheting these days, and cast on 20 sts. real fast so I wouldn't look silly as the organizer of the event, LOL.
A few less this year, 16 in all, many are away, some were working, new ones came and it was such a nice hot day that this time we looked for shade...
Knitting under the plum tree is lovely and we will gather throughout the summer every other Sunday starting June 21 9:30am till 1:30pm.

As usual exchange of information, projects and busy hands make for a great knitting gathering.
Here are our wonderful hands at work...















And Donna who was doing her duty at the quilt raffle ticket booth and reading and knitting!!!
I am looking forward to our next gathering, maybe I will have a real project on the go this time...