Sunday, September 27, 2009

holidays, Aubrac...

Aubrac is where my family is from. It is a vast plateau somewhere in the south west center of France. It is ravaged by the weather, gorgeous, harduous, 1000 meters high, it is on the way to Santiago's pilgrimage, a rude shortcut through the mountains. In the summer you can hardly breathe through the heat, in the winter it is closed often due to the snow. Here you can see forever.
Pictures with my little camera can hardly describe it...

The pilgrims on their way in the summer can find shelter in this barn.

And the 12th century "Domerie" is still a refuge for the weary.

Our village is 20km from here, this is the top of the plateau, no trains, no buses, the only access is by road and walkways, somehow my Canadian home seem less remote when I stand here...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So much has happened since I left Canada last Saturday... I left home at 7am, it is now 4pm Thursday and I am finally at destination...
Last night we left paris at 11pm on a speed train, sleepers very comfortable

lost of room to stretch

and fun travelling companion

arrival very early at Rodez

breakfast at a local french cafe

where some prefer other modes of transportation on the "Santiago trail" to StJacques de Compostelles.

and meandering slowly towards home, great scenery along the way, the river "Lot" at Espalion

and finnaly home!!!
A Suivre....


Well I had this great big post planned with many pics and life is just like that, coudnt upload more than 1!!!
So travelling with new comp is a new adventure, I am sure i'll figure it out tomorrow.
Anyway it is great to be in the country aagain after 2 days in Paris, I love the calm and the sound of the cow bells in the back ground.
So we will try again....