Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holidays, tourism...

We have not stopped going from one end of the country side to the other. Last weekend little "virée" in the Loire county for a family visit and on the way back touristic stops in "Brioude" for a marvelous visit to the basilica.

Sarcophagous outside
Gorgeous entrance around the corner

The light inside the red stones was even stronger with the noonday sun through the stained glass windows.

Of course the prerequisite virgin with child, except that it is a "Black virgin" made of lava rock, quite rare, we are after all in volcano country.

The floor made with stones from the "Allier" river made me slightly homesick.

Moved on to the "Musée de la dentelle" famous in this region

And even got invited in the Lace school were the best 4 lace makers of France work and teach.

We heard then about a little village on the way home, "Blesdel" and decided to check it out...Around the corner from a very well preserved and renovated monastery we found this church.

Too many pictures to show, just a small sample of Roman art...

Kept driving home, escorted by etherial wind mills...

It is good to be here especially since the weather has been nothing but sunny and hot.