Saturday, March 27, 2010

Night time knitting

I just finished this and could not wait for day time!!!
Lately I get up around 4 am, get a lot of knitting done, that's way better than to toss and turn.
"Red Cabbage and Dandelions Hat"

A while back, a dear friend gave me 2 pompom makers for my birthday, does she know me or what? I can see a lot of those creeping up in my work in the future...

Anyway, this was made from a shawl I started 3 days ago, wasn't too sure about the overall feeling of it, casted it off as a scarf, still not too sure, then plonked it on my hat stand and took it from there.
Gathered the scarf in a "Cabbage shape, picked up stitches around the crown, knitted a hat top down.

The "dandelions" and "fiddle heads" tied the whole thing together, the scarf fringe fell naturally in place.
I wonder if my fascination for volume on top of my head, my hair is so thin now, has anything to do with the increasing largeness of my hats...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dandelions are Hats

I have been sick this winter and spent a lot of time healing and knitting. Part of the "cure" was to eat a lot of bitters to help filter my system. So I started to eat the lawn... I grazed...Dandelions, I love them, they are so fresh and crisp and meaty and healthy for me. It rubbed off in knitting ways too, so I designed a
Dandelion Hat

Now because I had grazed soooo much in February and March, and you have to eat them before they flower, when I decided to take the picture, all I could find in bloom was this lonely one by the shed...Lucky you, you could have been in my tummy!!!

Anyway, it was fun to make the pompoms/dandelions in a fluo yellow/green silk/mohair, and I can see myself wearing that one for awhile...