Sunday, August 8, 2010

Knitting XXXXXXL

I have had so much fun in the last 2 days, knitting furiously a pair of "Alpine boot slippers" from Fiber trends.
A nice change of pace on 9mm needles, double yarn, in my case Patons Classic Wool and odds and ends of reds homespun in my stash. Talk about a stash buster!!! Yes I still have a humongous stash but it took a serious amount of fibers.
They are fun, fast, and fabulous...

Of course I put them in the washing machine right off the needles, could hardly wait, so did dh, it was like Christmas waiting to open your present.
Amazingly enough 1 felted faster than the other??? that was a first for me, the second one had to go through another 10 minutes, very interesting considering I made them at the same time, so I was sure the counts were the same. Learning never stops.

Ta da!!! Voila les super boots, drying, drying, drying, inside, it is raining outside and I have to wait....
I added 10 rows in the lengh as I wanted them very high, worked great but for the next time I will increase the width as well to accommodate the calves. They fit great for indoors but I want a pair to wear outside.
Probably 3 or 4 days will be enough drying as I want them well blocked, and then I am wearing them regardless of weather.