Saturday, January 31, 2009

Productive Jet Lag

I am getting settled in at home, though the jet lag is worse on the third day.
Up at 4:30 am, played with the toy for a few hours, went to the library to retrieve whatever they had not returned in my absence, the 2 Lucy Neatby techniques DVDs where still there, and I can watch them on the he new toy!!!
Decided to make some mindless corkscrew scarves....

That was fun enough and managed to keep me awake through the afternoon, which my body thinks is still the middle of the night.

On the other hand look what I found on my desk, a very thoughtful Christmas present left by one of my favorite elves.

Now, what to make with that!!!


Anonymous said...

Wahouuuuuuuuu !!!!! nouvelle laine de Paris j'ai pas vu ca en haut ce sont des nouveaux modèles de Tournicotons ????? Clem

frenchette said...

Clem, la laine c'est gordon qui me la laissee sur mon bureau comme surprize our les tournicotons sont mon myen de passer le jetlag.