Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rainy days and quilt square.

Also known in some facetious circles as "guilt squares", today, a rainy day, was the perfect timing to do this.
Every year the island gets together a quilt made of squares done by many that is raffled during the summer month to raise money for an island cause. This has gone on for 32 years (I think). The first time I participated was in 1979, and have done many throughout the years, though not each one. Dh even made one the year we fund raised for the preschool.
This year the much needed New Clinic is the recipient and the theme is "Health".
The quilter that convinced me to make a square was lamenting than no one was doing pills and that she had a vision of little blue "Viagra" tablets here and there...
So here is what I produced today...My 12x12 contribution to the community quilt.

Tumbling pills is a perfect subject for me.....I am happy with the results.

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