Monday, May 26, 2008

I was just thinking....

I was just thinking this afternoon as I was playing with my new toy. Actually the thought was implemented yesterday as I was playing with my crippled girlfriend, her wrist being enveloped in a cast. She was saying that it would be easier to have some kind of attachment to the machine so she wouldn't have to hold it with her hand. It hurts. As for me I'd like to have a free hand as I find that hours of holding the thing gives me cramps. So as I thought some more, I decided that I needed some kind of "Clamp" where I could insert the machine, then clamp it to a table or better yet my very comfortable knitting chair.
About 3 hours later I have it!!!
2 pieces of plywood, 1 indent to slide the machine in, and a hole below for the cording coming out. My hands are still shaking from using another of my favorite tools, my Dremel contour sander. A marvelous piece of equipment that smooth es all surfaces. I got it last year to finish the bamboo DPNs I was making. Makes the job go fast, but the shaking leaves my hands quite numb for knitting. Never mind. I am so exited about this right now I don't care!!!!
There it is lying on my table, and marvel of marvels my pasta machine clamp is perfect for the job.....

Now for the view with the machine inserted,

and clamped to my working table which is quite close to my chair.

And YES it does clamp to the arm of my chair!!!!!

Am so excited, this is going to be fun!!!

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