Monday, May 26, 2008

New toy, New inspirations...

I love getting new toys. I treated myself to new automatic corking machines.

Came with wire too!!!

I had 3 old ones that were very tired. My Father had bought them at a Paris Fair in 1976!!! I still remember the pure joy of playing with it. We pumped out mileage of cording, but I don't remember doing anything with it.

Now am totally into it. Making bags I had used it to make flowers and embellishments, fast and furious, I wore out my old ones. The new ones even knit wire, yum.

So I played with it and made this necklace with my favorite color lime green, and pearls. Amazingly enough, the fabric is very soft but sturdy, sits well on the skin. I used 32 gauge wire and fresh water pearls.

And of course I had to play with wool. Took me less than 1 hour to make 1 ball of cording from 1 ball of wool. I thought maybe a baby hat bound in cashmere would be fun. There is the start.

I can see endless possibilities and inspirations. All other project are on hold while I play...

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cedar said...

they turned out beautiful, went to the pics on ravelry and the necklace and bracelet turned out great