Saturday, March 27, 2010

Night time knitting

I just finished this and could not wait for day time!!!
Lately I get up around 4 am, get a lot of knitting done, that's way better than to toss and turn.
"Red Cabbage and Dandelions Hat"

A while back, a dear friend gave me 2 pompom makers for my birthday, does she know me or what? I can see a lot of those creeping up in my work in the future...

Anyway, this was made from a shawl I started 3 days ago, wasn't too sure about the overall feeling of it, casted it off as a scarf, still not too sure, then plonked it on my hat stand and took it from there.
Gathered the scarf in a "Cabbage shape, picked up stitches around the crown, knitted a hat top down.

The "dandelions" and "fiddle heads" tied the whole thing together, the scarf fringe fell naturally in place.
I wonder if my fascination for volume on top of my head, my hair is so thin now, has anything to do with the increasing largeness of my hats...

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