Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dandelions are Hats

I have been sick this winter and spent a lot of time healing and knitting. Part of the "cure" was to eat a lot of bitters to help filter my system. So I started to eat the lawn... I grazed...Dandelions, I love them, they are so fresh and crisp and meaty and healthy for me. It rubbed off in knitting ways too, so I designed a
Dandelion Hat

Now because I had grazed soooo much in February and March, and you have to eat them before they flower, when I decided to take the picture, all I could find in bloom was this lonely one by the shed...Lucky you, you could have been in my tummy!!!

Anyway, it was fun to make the pompoms/dandelions in a fluo yellow/green silk/mohair, and I can see myself wearing that one for awhile...

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kymmiegirl1 said...

lolololo ILOVE your hats, sooooo cute!! Me and 3 of my girlfreinds are going on an Alaskan cruise in August 2011 and we wanted cute hats to keep us toasty warm...then I found you!! Are your hats for sale? How quickly can you make 4 hats?