Friday, April 9, 2010

Look at what the storm blew in...

We had a crazy storm last Friday, and I was trying to stay calm. Since the 2006 storm every time the wind picks up my body starts to shake. I have gone from heavy drugs to knitting. I discovered that in those cases the best anti anxiety I know is small concentrated fiddling work and ear plugs... If I don't hear it am okay!!!
I had just finished the main part of a hat, was glancing sideways at my button stash, so here is:
"A Case of Too many Buttons"

The patience and concentration of sewing soo many buttons did the trick, I stayed calm through howling winds...

and got another crazy hat to boot.

Besides being in love with the colors and the noise the hat makes when I shake my head I love the reactions of people when I ware it. Goes from bursting out laughing to "all that sewing, are you insane!!!"
What a wonderful way to lighten up our lives...

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Ev said...

So unbelievable beautiful and unic!
And such a great medication :)!
Greetings from Germany, Ev