Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nightie days and summer rain

Woke up this morning to the lovely sound of summer rain... It smells nice and fresh, I love the feeling of being in bed and looking forward to an entire day inside. It means lots of projects at my desk without guilt and I can wear my nightie all day. Ran outside to look at the trees, the ginkgo that my daughter purchased at a charity auction years ago is doing very well it looks so revived and green, even at 6 am.
Bishop of Llandaff colors are bursting out in the rain.

It also means that I get to wear my felted booties in my clogs, has been a while...

This day is going to fly, I can just feel it. There seem to be less and less hours in the day as I grow older. We were talking the other day of wondering if we will ever get to make all the things we want to try. This day shall be loaded with ideas and creativity. The rain is making me want to play non stop. My desk is a mess of projects and clean up should be one of them, but why waste this gift from heaven on chores. A little spinning, a Little finishing, a lot of knitting, I am loaded with vids from the library...

First a good cup of tea and a stare at my flowers of the month.

Aren't they gorgeous, this is the greatest gift, it keeps on giving. A local grower with a great sense of color, very inspiring and good for the soul.

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Anonymous said...

Hey this post came at a great time for me - my desk is as messy as yours lol. But as you said , why waste the day? I have knitting plus a little loom to try out :)
Have a great one!