Thursday, August 28, 2008

Woolen pancake?

I have been thinking about making a crochet hat, knitted.I wanted the look of the crochet bars, but with knitting I don't have to look most of the time, and I thought it would be fun to "duplicate" another version of the spiral hat.
Cast on 6 stitches with purple, did 2 rows, (1 knit 1 purl) for the stitch height, switched to orange.
For the bars: double yo, k2tog. on the second row dropped the double and knit all around. The look is right
Worked on increases, up to row12 everything looked right, then I panicked and thought it would be too small for the crown, so I increased more...That's when the "pancake" took Shape, lol.
I did not want to stop, or frog, so I plowed through to the end. A beret for a small infant, or felted it will make a nice change purse...
Anyway I learned something new which is always the point, I had fun doing it and I am going to persevere as I think I have got something interesting going on here. I lean toward using different size needles for the 2 colors, small for the dark, and 2 size larger for the bars, this might give me more height. Maybe a triple yo so the stitches stretch even longer, guess what I am doing today...

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cedar said...

Up with the roosters I see....good designing...I will wait for the final product....would you like some silk/wool, felted into balls, like they were left in the washing machine by me, and washed by felted into some incredible blond rasta hair....let me know if you could use this...otherwise