Friday, June 20, 2008

Hats galore

Thursday is chore day, so while I was at it I threw the pot holders in the wash, gotta save water. I think they turned out well. Not too much warp, it is a good design for felting. Shrinkage was 30%.

Triple side by side


and the double spirals

I flew through the chores as what I really wanted to do was finish the hat

It fits very well....Though I don't think this is my style!!!

The spiral is gorgeous though

Goes so fast I made 2 more!!!
This last one is with alpaca and yummy mohair/silk with beads that I got from Sheepthrills

Great productive day, chores done, pot holders felted, and 3 hats, too bad I have to work today....

1 comment:

misti said...

Found your hat on Rav. Looks good! :) I know, I'm not sure I'm a hat person yet, but they always look so cute to make!