Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spiralling in control...

For the last week or so I have been on a binge of crochet. For some reason I had this urge to make granny squares and pot holders...go figure.
I am never one to fight my instincts, so I went with it. I forgot how much fun crochet can be. It is still wool, still a finished fabric and goes fast.
There you have it the classic granny square, pre felting.

and post felting

As I said I am on a binge. To keep it interesting I stated searching for more patterns, first at crochet pattern central, then of course on Ravelry which is another goldmine of resources. I keep experimenting, making tons of pot holders in the process, Christmas stocking are going to be easy this year...

Browsing through the magazine rack for non existent knitting mags(I already have them all) I stumbled upon Interweave Crochet. Now usually crochet mags leave me cold. Not only the pictures and the models are too old for me, but, big but, I opened it and fell upon the "Yarn spotlight" featuring spiral crochet!!!

Now we're talking.

Great article, easy to follow instructions for a rusty crocheter like me, and voila, another series of pot holders!!!
pre felting

triple spiral even.

For the triple you have to go to here for very clear instructions and picture tutorial.

Since I felt pretty confident about the spiral thing I decided to try the

"Spring Spiral Hat" by Chloe Nightingale. ( Same person that wrote the Yarn Spotlike article)

The start is a little more complicated, but as I am going along it is starting to make sense. I chose 100% alpaca for the main color and a gorgeous skein of sock weight merino dyed by Cedar to make the spiral, I love that spiral.

Stay tuned for felted version of spiral, I can hardly wait.

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cedar said...

spiraling out of control, is more like it....