Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yesterday was a full day of creativity in the kitchen. It was my girlfriend's birthday and any excuse to play with my other favorite medium is a good one.
So I decided to make a St. Honoré cake.
St. Honoré is the patron saint of French bakers, his name was given to that very centre part of Paris where later all the fancy shops like Chanel set up.
Not only does it look stunning, it tastes great and the process is fun, albeit quite long. For her birthday I spent my day in the kitchen playing, since I was at it made 2!!!

I found the recipe here (scroll down) very good explanation. And I discovered that I love spinning sugar. I wonder, if I kept it soft could I knit with it....Now that`s a new thing to explore!!!


cedar said...

TWO, I heard that!!!!!

gayle said...

Yummy with a capital Y! I love ESSIP - Eating Spun Sugar in Public and KIP. See you then.