Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby's First Mukluks, a free knitting pattern.

When I deleted the blog last spring I forgot that this pattern was available in Ravelry.
So here it is for your enjoyment.

Baby’s First Mukluks
Newborn to 6 months
-Red Heart Foxy 100% polyester 50gr/82m
1ball Plum
1 ball Claret
-Patons SWS soy wool stripes
1 ball Natural Geranium
*Please note you will be working with 2 strands of Foxy and that it only used 2/3 of Foxy and 1/3 of SWS .
2 circular needles size 5mm OR 5 DPN
1 crochet hook size 5mm
Darning needle
Pompom maker or cardboard to achieve same.
2 rows=1cm
With 2 strands of Foxy cast on 24sts.
Close circle and knit 6 rows.
Switch to SWS (1 strand only) and knit 6 rows.
Switch back to foxy, with 2 strands knit 4 rows.
Decrease 4 sts evenly spaced = 20sts.
Knit 8 rows.
Work short rows back and forth on the first 10 sts: K9, turn, P8, turn, K7, turn etc… until you have 2sts in the middle. Continue working short rows picking up 1 st each row before turning. When you are back to 10sts, at beginning of main body rows, knit foot.
Knit 8 rows.
Decrease 2 sts evenly spaced = 18 sts.
Knit 4 rows.
Decrease 2 sts evenly spaced = 16 sts.
Knit 1 row.
Cast off using the 2 needle cast off method, OR, graft the toe.
* Please note that the 2 needle cast off is my cast off of choice for this project as it is an outer shoe, and the outside stitching will not bother the baby’s comfort.
Darn in tail ends.
With 1 strand SWS make a crochet chain. Chain 50, bind off.
Thread the chain through a large darning needle, and weaved through the 2nd row of knitting of the SWS band, every other st.
Make 4 small pompoms with the SWS and attach to the ends of the chain.