Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moving inside.

Fall is in the air I can smell it. The days are gorgeous and sunny, the nights cool and fresh, and my energy is switching to inside. Sunday we knitted under the plum tree, nice to touch base with knitter buddies, I knitted me a pouch to replace my very tired plastic one.
Very simple rectangle which I miscalculated on the width, no problem, half way through felting (with a plunger as we are in low water season), I cut the sides off, re-bound, re-felted and voila. The part I hate the most is zippers!!! I recycled the one from the original bag. Still a bit too soft felt for my taste. When we are more flush with water I will give it an extra cycle in the washing machine to tighten it. It's okay it is working for me.

With Fall I am off to bed at 8 and of course that makes wake up at 4!!!
So I made another hat...
This one is with my homespun alpaca. I spun in the grease because I was impatient, and I can see the difference in the texture of the yarn after washing. Some places have more guard hair than others, a bit rough and twiny feeling. The down parts are so soft and lofty that I bit the bullet and washed 1/4 of the fleece and being Fall it is drying the shade.

I do love the spiral though. Plyed the alpaca with pewter beads, and did the ridge in zephyr 50/50 silk merino.

When I got home from work the house smelled warm with baking. DD had made 4 blackberry pies, and washed the dishes!!!!

We dove into 1 at a very early diner wanting to get to desert fast, pie for breakfast, lunch, tea, I wonder if we wil have enough left over to freeze some...


Bethany said...

Wonderful pies. And she did the dishes, too!

The spiral on the hat is beautiful!

cedar said...

Nice hat, loved the beads with the silver threads, but really liked the pie part... are they felted lol