Sunday, September 7, 2008

I still do.

29 years ago today I made the best decision in my life and received in return the single greatest gift ever!!!
So to celebrate I made DH a new pair of socks and he is wearing them watching the Belgium Grand Prix wile I blog and get ready to go knitting with my buddies. That's old married life for you...
I loved knitting those, the colors are so yummy.

This last week went on another binge of crochet hats, this time I used my homespun, plyed with tiny beads.
And there is the ongoing blankie project, it is turning out beyond my dreams, fun and lovely.
In my estimates, if I knit 3 squares per day, give or take a few days without, I should have plenty of time to finish it by December. It will be done to welcome my grand nephew, filled with the good energy of all the family and friend's socks.

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Bethany said...

That blanket is GORGEOUS!