Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knitting in all directions

I am still high from the tour de fleece completion, and to my great surprise, I also won some wool in a draw on Ravelry!!! I didn't know that when entering Team Vanisle I would be entered in the draw. Double winner!!!
I can hardly wait to see my gorgeous prize.
Thank you Funknits for doing that.
After Sunday's high I was still in a spinning mood and got done a small ball of blue faced leicester from Sheeptrhills, fast and dirty as it is for felting and I just need to give it enough twist to knit. No need to set the twist, didn't know what I was going to do with it.
My knitting is erratic at the moment, so I made another potholder!!! Gives me time to think about the next project...Made a beaded rope to keep my hands busy, designed a couple of headbands in cotton to relax after work, and wonder what I could make with the tiny amount left over from the beaded silk/mohair sitting on my desk...

I am looking forward to next Sunday's
"knitting under the plum tree" meet, it has been fun to stay connected with other local knitters through what is usually for me an "avoid people at all cost" tourist season. We have met new knitters here on holiday, sparked some interesting discussions about knitting in public, and renewed knitting friendships with each other.
Thanks again Bethany for inspiring this.

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Bethany said...

You're welcome!

What are we going to do if it's raining, like it is today?