Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tour De Fleece 2008 Day 2

2ND post for today, but really the actual day of what I accomplished.
So before I started this afternoon, this being a challenge and all, it occurred to me that I had no idea how much roving I had, and that I should measure the amount needed for each spool as I will make this yarn 2ply.
I got the scale out.

Weight the whole thing, minus the amount I figured I had already spun...
174gr. No 2 lb here, goes to show I have never had an accurate sense of measures, even in metric which I was born with.

Divided in two, roughly... 90gr on the right...

and set my timer to 1 hour.

This is the accomplishment for today. I finally covered the core of the spool.

Not bad, the hour went very fast.

It's good that the event runs for 3 weeks, I have so much on my plate, at this rate I should be finishing plying as they cross the line on the Champs-Elysées.

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