Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour De Fleece 2008 The Finish

Got up at 6am this morning (local time) to enter the last étape of the Tour De Fleece, I really wanted to finish at the same time as the Tour...

Set myself up to finish the bobbins, my calculations were amazingly enough quite accurate, just a tiny amount left on one.
Wound up the small amount on ball winder ,
and race to the end.

By the time they were entering the suburbs, I was sprinting through the winding of the skeins.
A quick steam set, a trick I had learned from sheepthrills passing the skeins through steam when you want speed setting, and hanging during the entry into Paris...
Gert Steegmans crossed the finish line as I placed my 2 lovely balls (210gr total weight) of sock weight merino superwash in front of the TV!!!!
What a great race.
Congratulations to all.

The Yellow jersey belongs now to Carlos Sastre of Spain,

and me!!!

I loved the challenge, it was a very creative adventure. My heart is still beating fast as I got much more excited than I anticipated concluding this race. Thank you Katherine for inspiring me to do this.


cedar said...

And the winner is "Tu" congrats on your latest obsession....

Bethany said...

Congratulations! Gorgeous yarn!