Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Multidirectional diagonal scarf, twicked.

As I was surfing through scarf patterns in Ravelry I got inspired by the color change in the pattern "The Unicorn Pegasus Rainbow Scarf".
That Noro is really great to play with. So I thought that I could do that particular color change with the same pattern as yesterday...
Cast on, using both ends of the ball. 2 rows of each.
No problem with first inc/dec. Then noticed that 1 color strand would end up on the wrong side of the work, one would travel to the left while the other would stay on the right.
Good thing I work with a circular needle, just shoved all the stitches to the other side, did a purl row to match the design, and 1st problem solved.

Looks good doesn't it.
Next hurdle was to switch the change of colors to the middle of the row, so the yarn moved back to the right by itself, and the stripes matched. Really I am glad my brain was on, it all worked.
Back of the work, and color changes in middle.

Front of the work, can't even tell there is an extra row.

The back again

And the front, I love how the colors are mixing up, this is too fun...
Ok, my mind is racing as well as my fingers as I am imagining the next project with this yarn, something kimono? Blanket of bands? Bags... What if I use mohair? Fluffy striped diagonals.....A wrap!!!

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