Saturday, February 28, 2009

Multidirectional, a new level.

These days all I want to do is knit, plain and simple. I love the motion my hands make, I get into the rhythm, I get to indulge in another favorite pastime watching videos, I get to be calm and Serene....
And while I get do do that DH plays with that...

So I did the groceries, made dinner in advance so I could spend the afternoon doing the other things. Multidirectional has got me completely fascinated, but getting a bit boring. I figured that I could take it to the next level:
Multidirectional lace.
Simple lace, that is, for now...

I thought it would be simple enough, just make rows of eyelet lace and watch them go in both direction. Not so fast. As it turns out, with holes every other row, the direction of the bars in between holes line up all the same.
In order to have them offset each other, I had to throw a ridge of plain knitting in between.

Cast on with 4.5mm needles. Used S258, you know who.
Patterns very simple:
Knit 2 rows plain.
Next row: *YO, slip 2Nd stitch over 1st stitch on LEFT needle and Knit that stitch,* repeat until end of row.
Next row: Purl to end of row.
Repeat the 4 rows until finished.
AT THE SAME TIME: (Don't you hate that)
make shaping on edges as for multidirectional scarf.
That's as far as I got today, going to air myself while there is still daylight...

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