Monday, February 9, 2009

Spinning results

Last night finished the scarf and immediately took the spun yarn down from drying. Didn't take a break, didn't breathe, wanted to get to it right away!!!
Lying down on my desk I do love the colors and the way they melt into each other.

Even wound into a ball it looked great.
So cast on another scarf...

And this is what I think. The main colors are too long versus the blended parts. Also knitted it makes too large a block of solid colors. As Cedar posted in the comments, I will lay out the strands in a different order, lengthen the blended parts, am thinking 2 lengh blended for 1 lengh solid.
Something to look forward to next spinning session.
Meanwhile today is knitting club day and I am going, missed my buddies.


gayle said...

Your 'Noro' looks great. I love the warm shades. Did you use two different balls of wool for this scarf as you did in the peachy one? Would that have an effect on your colourways?

frenchette said...

Thank you. For this one I used just the one ball of homemade. It is not quite the blend I was aiming for, but lovely nonetheless. Stay tuned for more experiments.